Yusuf Onabekun Sesan

your awesome hyper Facebook ads specialist

Hi, I’m Sesan (Yusuf Onabekun)

…and I CREATE, MANAGE & OPTIMIZE Ads to help people and organizations WIN!

Let me handle Facebook and Instagram Ads for your business, not because I say but see why for yourself below…

If every time someone complained about Facebook Ad not converting, I will be driving one of the latest jeeps now (my love for the jeep).

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Your Facebook campaign does not need to lie, to show the effectiveness of your product or service. In fact, having a solid product or service that delivers on what it shows, makes it easy to never stop having conversions endlessly.

Having handled Facebook Ads from various clients around the globe, I can say it is one of the best things you can have going for your business.

No matter how much it seems, a good and well-set Facebook campaign can keep your business fuel and never get tired (still have a campaign like that).

I've been running optimized Facebook and Instagram ads for over 10 years. These are the kind of results you cannot get anywhere else

What People Have To Say:

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Ogunpola Akintayo
A satisfied client here, I've been working with his agency since 2018. Apart from results, I value your work ethics.

Working with him has made me hands off all my Ecom ads without any fear of results dwindling
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I'm glad I was able to tap from his wealth of knowledge and experiences with Facebook and Instagram ads.

He is a pool of resources that every serious business owner or organisation should engage with. Highly recommended!!!
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IBI Chambers
He teaches well and he's experienced. Thank you for putting me through Facebook ads.
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So a friend introduced me to this social media fixer when I was having difficulty running Instagram ads because my naira card wasn’t working anymore, I reached out to him to help me with prepaid ad Acct ,his response was prompt and the job was done as expected, I love the work done so much that I had to reach out to him for the second time when I was having issues linking all my Instagram Acct together but as always he came through and solved it..very reliable and trustworthy💯.he is your best bet in resolving any ig related issues. Thank you so much for coming through and making life easier for my business🙏
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Had a fantastic experience with working with him. Highly recommended.
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Newborn Pharmaceutical
He is very good at this advert. Trust me. I have been running ads for year but I can tell you this guy is a boss in the game.
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over 6000% ROAS
over 6000% ROAS
1326.83% ROAS
This is 1326.83% ROAS
1200% ROAS
This is 1200% ROAS
1700% ROAS
This is 1700% ROAS
2100% ROAS
This is 2100% ROAS
2264 messages @ 1centmessage
2264 messages @ 1cent per message
This is 2700%ROAS
Over 3k messages averaging ₦350 per message

Some Of Our Client Include:


If you want to have a well-prepared ad that is relevant to your business and makes your business good ROI, book your session via the link below. The worst scenario is we just brainstorm and ads are something I can’t stop talking about!

Get ads that not only sell your product or service but also give you the right conversion. Create everlasting moments for your customers which never slow down your campaign.

Please also note that these strategy sessions are not free Digital Advertising consultancy. We offer these free sessions so you can find out more about our Digital Advertising services and we can learn about your business and how we might be able to help you achieve great results.

If you do not meet the criteria, you will be notified via email.

If you have any difficulties booking a session, you can contact us: [email protected] and we’ll be in touch to help you.

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